Associate Professor Phillip Stricker
Curriculum vitae

Clinical Experience and Expertise


1. Open Radical Prostatectomy:

  • Performed >3000 cases.
  • Specialist in nerve sparing technique
  • Mentored and trained Registrars, Fellows and Urological colleagues in nerve sparing technique.
  • Achieved international standard outcomes with <10% positive margins, up to 92% potency recovery and <2% long-term incontinence. These results have been presented and published in state, national and international meetings and journals.

Commenced first robotic program in NSW at St Vincent's Private Hospital in February 2006 and currently has one of the largest series in Australia.

2. Robotic Radical Prostatectomy:

  • Commenced first robotic program in NSW at St Vincent's in February 2006 and currently the highest volume robotic surgeon in Australia.
  • Performed > 1000 cases (2006 – 2013).
  • Fully trained robotic Surgeon - particular expertise in nerve sparing robotic surgery.
  • Performed the first Dr Vip Patel nerve sparing technique radical prostatectomy in NSW.
  • Invited presenter at the World Robotic Symposium in Ohio 2007 and in Orlando in 2008 and 2010.
  • Excellent results with low positive margin rate, high continence and good potency results. Presented at 2009 and 2010 Annual Urology Scientific meeting by invitation.
  • Accredited mentor to other surgical units (Western Australia, Queensland).
  • Associate Editor of Journal of Robotic Surgery.
  • Manages the Robotic Fellowship Program at St Vincent's Private Hospital.

3. Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy (Seeds):

  • Personal series of > 400 cases (1997-2013). One of the largest series in Australia.
  • Results have been presented and published at national and international meetings.
  • Mentored and trained many of the units in Australia.
  • In 2001, with the support of the Urological Society of Australia arranged the acceptance of Brachytherapy as an approved item number by Medicare in the therapy for prostate cancer.

4. High Dose Rate Brachytherapy:

  • Largest personal series in Australia and one of the largest series in the world, with >500 cases performed personally (1998-2013).
  • Presented and published at national and international meetings.
  • Mentored and trained multiple Urologists in the technique.
  • Began the first program in 1998, being the first centre in Australia.

5. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU):

  • Commenced HIFU in October 2005 – the first unit in Australia.
  • 2013 commenced HIFU as a focal therapy.
  • Developed website

6. Active Surveillance:

  • >700 cases on active surveillance since 1999.
  • The largest series in Australia.
  • Structured program of follow-up with PSA, transperineal biopsies of the prostate and MRI scans.

7. Sexual Health Rehabilitation:

  • Enormous experience in sexual rehabilitation and preservation and one of the acknowledged experts in Australia.
  • Set up one of the largest multidisciplinary sexual dysfunction clinics in the Southern Hemisphere (the Australian Centre for Sexual Health 1991-2001).
  • Trained Dr Michael Lowy who now has particular expertise in this area.
  • Investigator in the original research on Viagra on the protection of potency after radical prostatectomy surgery, being one of the highest accrual centres in the world and the largest in Australia.
  • Currently still involved in multiple projects pertaining to sexual rehabilitation after surgery.

8. Incontinence Therapy after Prostate Cancer Treatment:

  • Personal series of >50 cases of insertion of artificial urinary sphincter for severe urinary incontinence.
  • Significant experience in the use of the ProAct Device, Invance and Advance Sling and Collagen Implant in the treatment of minor urinary incontinence.
  • Has a dedicated pelvic floor Physiotherapist to work in association on continence recovery.

9. Second Opinion Service:

  • Over 20 years of experience in tailoring treatment to patient's needs.
  • Initiated a large multidisclpinary team for appropriate support throughout all treatments.
  • Consults up to 20 second opinions per week.
  • Offers second opinion website advice & ;


1. Transperineal Grid-directed Prostate Biopsy Technique:

  • Developed and first described this technique internationally in 1997.
  • Has minimised the chance of post biopsy sepsis using this technique.
  • Has presented and published on this technique nationally and internationally.
  • Has mentored and trained Urologists, Fellows and Registrars in this technique.

2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI/MRS):

  • This technique has the potential in improving the accuracy of diagnosis, minimizing invasive procedures and in monitoring patients.
  • First looked at the accuracy of this technology in prostate in 2007. In 2012 initiated several studies at St Vincent's Campus evaluating MRI accuracy in comparison to prostate biopsies, PCA3 and prostate health index (PHI). Initial results from the study were presented at the AUA in San Diego in May 2013.


Positions held

  • Chairman of the Department of Urology, St Vincent's Private Hospital and Clinic 2003 - to date.
  • Director of the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre 2004 - to date.
  • Inaugural Director of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia 1998 – 2012.
  • Director of the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration 1999 - to date.
  • Head of Uro-Oncology Research Unit - St Vincent's Campus & Garvan Institute Sydney (Prostate Cancer Group) 1992 - to date.
  • Conjoint Associate Professor, Department of Surgery University of New South Wales 2004 - to date.
  • Clinical Director of Prostate Cancer at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre 2013 – to date.
  • Clinical Associate Professor with Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney ; ;2013 – to date.
  • Memberships

    • Urological Society of Australasia
    • American Urological Association
    • European Urological Society
    • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
    • Society International d'Urologie
    • Royal Australian College of Surgeons
    • Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration
    • NSW Urology Oncology Group

    Professional Contributions

    • Chief investigator of numerous pre-clinical and clinical research projects at St Vincent's Campus.
    • In 1994 established the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Clinical Database and Tissue Bank in conjunction with the Garvan Institute. These contain extensive clinical and pathological outcome data and have resulted in a comprehensive scientific and clinical source that has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally.
    • Instigated the establishment of the St Vincent's Hospital Prostate Cancer Group.
    • Education and mentoring of other Urologists and Urology Fellows in the area of prostate cancer treatments and procedures.
    • Prostate cancer grants for NHMRC - Reviewer
    • Cancer Council 'Localised Prostate Cancer' book - Member of review committee for both editions.
    • 'Your Guide to Prostate Cancer' by Dr Prem Rashid - Member of peer review group.
    • Member of the Australian Cancer Network working party that developed guidelines for the Management of Localised & Advanced Prostate Cancer. This has been published and was the first evidence based publication through the network. This was supported by the NHMRC.
    • Regularly reviews manuscripts on prostatic conditions especially prostate cancer for peer reviewed journals including Medical Journal of Australia, Medicine Australia and Australian Prescriber.
    • Research Supervisor for PhD/Masters students - Dr's David Quinn, Lisa Horvarth, Kris Rasiah, Ruban Thanigasalam, Kim Pryor, Andy Huo, James Symons, Richard Savdie and James Thompson.
    • Supervisor of the Urology Fellow program at St Vincent's campus.
    • Director of the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration - a body that co-ordinates prostate cancer research nationally.
    • Co-author with Prof. Kerryn Phelps of the first national 'PSA for the General Practitioner' book. This book was distributed to all GP's in Australia in 2004. An updated edition was written in 2008.
    • Regular contributor to the 'St Vincent's Clinic Proceedings' Magazine on new developments and treatments for prostatic conditions.
    • Advisor to the NSW Cancer Council (book reviews).
    • Member of PSA review board – PCFA & NHMRC.
    • Current Rersearch Projects


      1. Prospective Active Surveillance Program - St Vincent's Campus
      2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging:- MRI prior to initial biopsy for prostate cancer & MRI, PCA3, PHI prior to repeat biopsy for prostate cancer
      3. Single surgeon series of open V's robotic radical prostatectomy – 900 patients. Functional outcomes. ;
      4. Quality of Life (QoL) following Prostate Cancer Treatments study.
      5. Active surveillance audit – 600 patients. Personal series
      6. Focal therapy audit – Nanoknife and HIFU. Functional and oncological outcomes.

      Major Publications and Significant Abstracts

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      Books and Chapters and DVDs

      • 1995 Tumour Markers and Flow Cytometry. Chapter in book 'The Bladder'. Fitzpatrick and Krane.
        Chapter by P.Stricker and P.Russell. Pg 385-394.
      • 2000 July. The Australian Medical Association. 'Home Medical Guide to Prostate Disorders'.
        Consulting Editor.
      • 2003. 'Treatment of Localised Prostate Cancer'. Member of the Prostate Cancer Working for Cancer Network Australia.
      • 2004 'PSA for the General Practitioner' Book.
        P.Stricker and K. Phelps.
      • 2008 'Prostate Cancer for the General Practitioner.' Book
        P. Stricker and K. Phelps.
      • 2008 'So I Have Prostate Cancer, What Now?' PCFA DVD
      • 2009 'How Do You Choose' DVD
      • 2010 'Intergrative Medicine for the General Practitioner' Book. Hassad and Phelps.
        Chapter on prostate cancer.
      • 2012 Series of DVD's – P Stricker. 'Pelvic Floor Exercises, Moving Forward', Treatments', Cured of Prostate Cancer – What About Quality of Life', 'Return to Potency after Prostate Cancer', Prostate Cancer Treatments-Managing Side Effects', Prostate Cancer – Integrative Medicine Taking Control', Prostate Cancer – Urinary Control', Advanced Prostate Cancer – Prof. Charles Myers, Prostate Cancer - managing the Mind', 'Robotic Surgery – The Journey'.
      • 2013 'Improving outcomes in robotic radical prostatectomy.' Chapter 7. Editor Vip Patel.

      Current Major Grants

    • 2010-2014 NHMRC Enabling Grant (ID No. 614296). 'Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration (APCC) Bio-Resource'. Clements J, Sutherland RL, Tilley W, Risbridger G, Marshall V, Roder D, Stahl J, Gardiner F, Nicol D, Frydenberg M, Pedersen J, Stricker P. $2,000,000.00
    • 2012-13 St Vincent's Clinic Foundation 'K & A Collins' Grant. MRI Study. Stricker P. $50,000.00 ;
    • 2010 -2015. Cancer Institute NSW. 21 Program Grant.
    • 2013-2017 Federal Government Grant – 'The Chronic Disease Prevention and Service Improvement'. Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre NSW. $5.5million. ;

    Symposia Convened - National and International

    1. Impotence Symposium of Australasia - Operative Workshop St Vincent's Hospital - 1991.
      Editor of Monograph. Presentations on 'Intracorporeal Pharmacotherapy - Results
      and Complications' - P. Stricker (T.Dean) & 'Polypharmacotherapy' - P Stricker (L.Jacobs)
    2. Update of Urology for GP's University of NSW 1993.
      Presentations on Renal calculi, Prostate cancer & Impotence
    3. Society Internationale d'Urologie 23rd Congress Meeting Sydney. 1994.
      Editor of daily proceedings & Presenter
    4. Prostate Cancer Symposium - Operative Workshop St Vincent's Clinic 1995.
      Editor of Monograph. Presentation on 'Radical Perineal Prostatectomy - St Vincent's Experience' .
    5. Impotence Management Symposia.
      P Stricker - Chairman of Australian Impotence Advisory Board 1995
    6. Australian Society of Impotence Medicine Inaugural Meeting 1997
      4 Presentations & Surgical Workshop
      Co Convenor
    7. Inaugural National GUOG Meeting (Leura).
      Presentations & Workshop on Prostate Cancer Surgery
      Co Convenor
    8. Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer Symposium with J.Blasko
      St Vincent's Hospital. 1997
      Convenor and Demonstrated
    9. Prostate Cancer Symposium - Presentation on Radical Prostatectomy
      Garvan Institute. 1999
    10. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy - Laser Prostatectomy
      St Vincent's Hospital. 1999
      Co Convenor
    11. Prostate Cancer Update with P.Scardino - Operative Workshop
      St Vincent's Hospital. 2001
    12. Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy - Operative Workshop
      St Vincent's Hospital. 2003
      Convenor R.Kooner & P.Stricker
    13. Brachytherapy Workshop with M.Zelefsky - Operative Workshop
      St Vincent's Hospital. 2005
      Convenor and Demonstrated
    14. Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy with V. Patel - Operative Workshop
      St Vincent's Hospital. 2007
    15. MRI of the Prostate – A Multidisciplinary Symposium – May 2012.
    16. Focal Therapy, Imaging & Biopsy Techniques with Mark Emberton – Operative Workshop St Vincent's Hospital, 2013.

    International and National Invited Surgeon

    Malaysian Urological Society

    Korean Urological Society

    Chinese Urological Society

    Western Australian Urological Society - Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

    Queensland Australian Urological Society - Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

    Invited Speaker


    • Australasian Urological Society Annual Meeting - Intravesical BCG. 'Immunotherapy & Chemotherapy - 10 year experience' P. Stricker


    • Australasian Ultrasound Society - Annual Meeting

      1. Transrectal ultrasound for prostate.
      2. Penile Duplex ultrasound.
    • New Zealand Urological Society -'Transurethral needle ablation of the prostate'. P.Stricker, G. Coombes.
    • Malaysian Urological Society – Incontinence & Collagen Implant


    • International Urological Society - 23rd Congress
      1. B.C.G. for Bladder cancer
      2. Collagen for Stress Incontinence
      3. TUNA for B.P.H.
    • 8th Congress of World Ostomy Association – Adelaide.'Sexual consequence of Surgery'.


    • Queensland Assert & Sexual Health Society Meeting. Specialised investigation of Impotence.
    • International Menopause Society
    • Symposium of male Sexual Dysfunction.
    • 8th African Urological Society. Invited speaker 'Peyronie's and side effects of injection treatment'


    • South Australian Urological Society Meeting. Presentations on:
      1. Role of Surgery for prostate cancer
      2. Peyronie's Disease
      3. Collagen Implant for Male Incontinence
    • South Africa Visiting Lecturer -'Peyronie's Disease & Injection Therapy'


    • Annual Urological Society of Australia Meeting – Adelaide. 'Peyronie's Disease'


    • Shanghai Urological Group - Shanghai China.'1125 Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer' ;
    • Asia-Pacific Urological Association Annual Meeting - Beijing China
      - Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer
      - Prostate Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction


    • Victorian State Urology Meeting. Presentations on:
      - Brachytherapy
      - Prostate Cancer
      - Peyronie's Disease
      - Grid Biopsy
    • Urological Society of Australasia (USA) - Annual Scientific Meeting
    • 'Medico Legal Aspect of Prostate Cancer'
    • Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration (APCC) ASM.
    • 'Nomogram Validation for Prostate Cancer'


    • Annual Australian Urological Meeting. Presentation on Prostate Cancer
    • NSW Urology Meeting. Presentation on Prostate Cancer.
    • National Prostate Cancer Symposium. Presentation on Prostate Cancer


    • American Urological Association (AUA) Meeting - 2 presentations
    • Australian Annual Scientific Urology Meeting - 7 presentations
    • APCC - presentation on Prostate Cancer
    • Australian Brachytherapy Society -'Outcomes of High & Low Dose Brachytherapy'
    • Sloan Kettering Prostate Cancer Meeting - 'Prostate Cancer Outcomes'
    • Eli Lilly Company Meeting -'Prostate Cancer & Erectile Dysfunction'
    • National Prostate Cancer Symposium -'Prostate Cancer & Surgery'


    • Australian Brachytherapy Society - 2 presentations
    • Urological Society of Australasia - 2 presentations
    • Uro-Oncology Group of NSW - 'Radical Prostatectomy'
    • Sydney University - Debate on Prostate Cancer
    • NSW Urology Meeting - 3 presentations
    • Australian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce - presentation on Prostate Cancer


    • Australasian Urological Society - 2 presentations
    • Chinese Urological Society - 2 presenations
    • St Vincent's Hospital 'Steggles' Conference
    • Brachytherapy Symposium - 4 presentations
    • Asia Pacific Uro-Oncology Meeting - presentation on 'HIFU'
    • World Health Organisation Symposium Paris -Presentation on Prostate Cancer.
    • NSW Urological Society Meeting - 2 presentations


    • Australasian Urological Society - 3 presentations ;
    • NSW Urological Society Meeting - 4 presentations
    • 7th National Prostate Cancer Symposium Melbourne
    • Presentation on 'HIFU'


    • Australasian Urological Society - 2 presentations
    • General Practitioners Continuing Education Annual Meeting - 3 presentations
    • Urology Oncology Group Meeting - 2 presentations ;
    • 2nd International Robotic Symposium Ohio - 1 presentation
    • PCFA Men's Health Promotion Forum – Prostate cancer treatment panel – radical prostatectomy (open, robotic & laparoscopic).
    • NSW Nurses Urological Society meeting – Topic: Prostate Cancer. October ;


    • 3rd International Robotic Symposium Orlando - 2 presentations. March
    • Laverty Pathology Men's Health Conference for GPs - ;Topic: Prostate Cancer.
    • Nurses Surgical Symposium Westmead Hospital – 'Prostatectomy & Robotic Surgery'.
    • General Practitioner's Continuing Education Annual Meeting – Prostate cancer & PSA.
    • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Hunter Region
    • Western Australian Urological Society National Annual Scientific Meeting - ;3 presentations.
    • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia 1st National Conference, Gold Coast 'Future of Prostate Cancer'.


    • 18th Australasian Brachytherapy Group Annual Scientific Meeting, Gold Coast - ;1 presentation.
    • Australasian Urological Annual Meeting. Gold Coast - 3 presentations


    • Australasian Urological Society Annual Meeting Perth - ;2 presentations and debate: 'Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy is the Gold Standard Surgical Treatment for Prostate Cancer'.
    • 5th International Robotic Symposium Orlando. ; 'Continence after robot radical prostatectomy'.
    • Integrative Medicine Society Meeting. 'Integrative prostate cancer treatment' & 'Robotics in prostate cancer surgery.'
    • 11th National Prostate Cancer Symposium Melbourne. August. 'Continece post robotic radical prostatectomy'.
    • New Zealand Urological Meeting. 'Prostate Cancer - How to choose' & 'Robotic surgery'.
    • PCFA National Conference. 'Prostate Cancer – How to choose' & 'Side effects management'.


    • NSW Section Urological Meeting, Sydney, November Point Counterpoint – Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer.
    • NSW Urological Nurses Conference, Sydney 'How does one make a choice between different prostate cancer treatment modalities and robotic surgery'.
    • 12th Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference (APCC), Melbourne, August. Master class in robotic surgery.
    • Trainee Week 2011 'Localised Prostate Cancer – What We Do Know, What We Don't'. Factors in favour of robotic radical prostatectomy surgery.
    • General Practitioner Annual Symposium, Sydney, May.
    • Prostate cancer update
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia update
    • The Inaugural international prostate cancer symposium – Weill Cornell Medical College New York.
    • Locally advanced prostate cancer
    • Benefits of robotic radical prostatectomy.
    • American Urological Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Washington, May.
    • Quality of Life
    • Transperineal biopsy of prostate
    • Locally advanced prostate cancer.
    • GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd GP Dinner, March. 'STEP UP – Do more for your patients with BPH'.
    • Friends of Israel Urological Symposium Tel Aviv May.
    • Learning curve of robot assist prostatectomy.
    • Nerve sparing radical prostatectomy – How do I do it -Bladder neck dissection and dissection of seminal vesicles.
    • NSW State Parliament Sydney. 'Prostate cancer update'.
    • MRI of the Prostate – A Multidisciplinary Symposium. May. Sydney
    • The role of MRI
    • Screening and MRI
    • The Australian Vietnamese Health Professionals Association NSW Inc. – Annual Scientific Conference. October. Sydney. ; PSA & Prostate Cancer Update.


    • 3rd Congress of Asian Pacific Prostate Society (APSS) – 13th April. Melbourne
      'How to improve continence & potency after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy'
    • St Vincent's Campus Steggles Conference – April. Sydney
      1. Focal therapy – Are we ready?
      2. Biopsy techniques – TRUS v's Transperineal
      3. 2 live cases presentation (Nanoknife & HIFU)

    Public Contributions

    1. Prostate Cancer Support Network
      • Along with Jayne Matthews was involved in the initiation of the first prostate cancer support group in Australia at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. Has also been instrumental in the development of the Association of Prostate Cancer Support Groups throughout Australia and incorporating this in the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
      • Invited guest speaker at many prostate cancer support groups in NSW and ACT.
      • Guest speaker at the Inaugural NSW Men's Health Promotion Conference organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
    2. Public Education Information Brochures
      • Active member in an educational sense on prostate cancer issues through frequent contributions to newsletters, tapes/DVD's and a series of books. 'Lifebuoy' - St Vincent's Campus prostate cancer support group newsletter and 'Prostate News' - The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
      • AMA prostate cancer guidelines.
      • DVD for prostate cancer information for support groups (PCFA & personal).
      • Cancer Council booklet on Prostate cancer.
    3. Television, Radio and Newspaper Interviews/Articles
      • Invited guest speaker on several community programs to discuss new developments in prostate cancer such as:
        -Television: 60 Minutes-Channel 9, 'What's Good for You','A Current Affair' and Prime Time News on all TV stations.
        - Radio: 2GB, John Laws, Dr John D'Arcy and ABC Radio national - Newspapers: Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald
    4. Website Service
      • Developed the official website for the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre
        ;, and These sites are very informative and user friendly and offers a second opinion service.
    5. General Practitioner Education
      • 'PSA for the General Practitioner' - Co author with Prof. Kerryn Phelps. This book was distributed to all G.P's throughout Australia.
      • GPCE (General Practitioner Continuing Education) Annual Conference - regular invited speaker at the National Conference for GP's held annually.
      • Invited guest speaker at numerous GP groups both in metropolitan and rural areas.
      • 'Prostate Cancer for the General Practitioner' PSA Booklet Edition 2. Co-authored with Prof. Kerryn Phelps. This book was distributed to 21,500 GP's and Specialists throughout Australia (2008).
    6. Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
      • Inaugural Director.
      • Been integral in raising funds and establishing policy as a Foundation member of the organisation.
      • Contributed to the national 'Be A Man' campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer in the community.
    7. Urology Nurses Education
      • Along with the nurses at St Vincent's Private Hospital, has constructed a diploma course in Urology, particularly in prostate cancer. This diploma course is now conducted annually.
      • Invited guest speaker at several NSW & Australian Urology Nurses Society conferences on prostate cancer treatments.
    8. Research Fellows
      • Michael Hoch (France)
      • Petr Macek (Czech Republic)
      • Ziv Maianski (Israel)
      • Ruban Thanigasalam
      • Can Huynh
      • Paul Chen
      • Carlo Yuen
      • Richard Savdie
      • Nicolas Doumerc (France)
      • James Symons
      • Tania Hossack
      • James Thompson
      • Lee Ponsky (USA)
    9. Registrars Trained
      • Stuart Ehsman
      • Peter Nash
      • Graham Coombes
      • Justin Vass
      • Paul Kovac
      • Paul Gassner
      • Ramin Samali
      • Michael Wines
      • Hodo Hoximollo
      • Jim Adshead
      • Venu Chalasani
      • Charles Chabert
      • Can Huynh
      • Claire Whelan
      • Anthony Hutton



    • M.B.B.S (Honours II Division I) University of NSW. 1978
    • F.R.A.C.S. Part I 1980
    • V.Q.E 1980
    • F.R.A.C.S. (Urology) Part 2 1988

    Post-Graduate Training

    • 1979 - 1981 Junior Residency - St George Hospital.
    • 1982 - 1985 General Surgical Training and Fellowship.
    • 1986 - 1988 Urological Training and Fellowship.


    • 1989 - Visiting Urologist to St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney.
    • 1989 - 2001 Visiting Urologist to the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney.
    • 1989 - Visiting Urologist to St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney.
    • 1989 - 2001 Visiting Urologist to the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney.
    • 1989 - Visiting Urologist to St Luke's Hospital, Sydney.
    • 1993 - Consultant Transplant Surgeon to St George Hospital, Sydney.
    • 2000 - Conjoint Senior Lecturer University of NSW, Sydney.
    • 2004 - Conjoint Associate Professor University of NSW, Sydney.
    • 2013 – Clinical Associate Professor Sydney Medical School, Sydney University.

    Post-Fellowship Training

    • Impotence Surgical Training: -Bill Furlow - Nashville - Tom Lue - San Francisco
    • Pelvic Cancer Surgery: - Bill Fair, H Herr - Sloan Kettering, New York - Donald Skinner - U.S.C. Scott Swanson - St Vincent's Hospital - Michael Lieber - St Vincent's Hospital - John Blasko - St Vincent's Hospital - Keith Kaye - Perth - Joe Oesterling - St Vincent's Hospital - Peter Scardino - St Vincent's Hospital - Bertrand Guillaneau - St Vincent's Hospital
    • Incontinence Surgery: - S.Raz - U.C.L.A. - open surgery - R.Appell - Memphis - collagen - E. Mcguire - Ann Arbour - slings
    • Stone Surgery: -J.Segura - St Vincent's Hospital - EDAP Machine - St Vincent's Hospital - Glen Preminger - St Vincent's Hospital
    • Ablatherm for Prostate Cancer: - Gelet - France - Vallencien - France
    • Laser Prostatectomy for BPH: - Peter Gilling - St Vincent's Hospital
    • Greenlight Laser Prostatectomy for BPH - Gordon Muir - London
    • Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy: - Michael Zelevsky - St Vincent's Hospital - Keith Kaye - Western Australian
    • Advance Sling – Paris June 2008.
    • Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Vip Patel - St Vincent's Hospital - Ohio State University Medical Center - Florida Hospital
    • Focal Therapy – Prof. Mark Emberton UCLH London.